Life Size Food Displays

Our vast variety of life size faux food displays are one of our most popular products. Choosing decor for your restaurant, home, or business with any of our food props that have vibrant colors is sure to brighten any area. Pick up more than one item, because you know that it will be a great conversation piece for many years to come. Don't forget about the unique furniture sets! These are very bright and cheerful, that is sure to turn heads and be a hot topic of discussion.  No matter what your choices are, you will be delighted and the items will be loved by all.  Also customers and visitors alike, will be wanting to stop and pose by your statue, prop, display, or piece of furniture which will now become your landmark piece. This photo can also be posted on all of the social media sites, which will help with increasing your traffic flow.  Butlers and Signs has the durable resin or fiberglass statues resulting in a high quality finished product that is sure to please everyone. We offer free standard shipping to the lower US, although other arrangements can be made. So don't just stop and shop, buy today!