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Life Size Pirate Statue Options for Your Next Pirate-Themed Party

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Have run out of party ideas? The classic pirate theme will never fail to impress!

From a pirate ship to pirate cookies, you can have numerous props for a pirate-themed party. One great way to take your party to the next level is to have a life size pirate statue.

We at Butlers and Signs handcraft these statues with impeccable precision. With diverse themes and immaculate lifelikeness, these realistic replicas will surely catch your guests off guard.

Here are some life like statues that you might like:

Captain Wooden Leg

Captian WoodlegThis pirate actually has got a wooden leg (it’s not called captain wooden leg for no reason!). With a patch, hat, bandana, sword and a hook as hand, this statue seems to be a complete pirate. Surprise your guests as captain wooden leg gives them a fierce look!

Captain Paruche

Captain ParucheLooking into his telescope, captain Paruche is assessing the challenges that lie ahead in the sea. With unbelievable details and outstanding designs, this life size statue is sure to make an impact.

Your guests will be mesmerized by this work of art. Meanwhile for captain Paruche, it’s just another day at the office.

Lady Pirate Statue

Lady Pirate StatueHandcrafted from resin, this lady really seems to be breaking all conventions. The statue is both fierce and beautiful at the same time.

From pirate jacket to hand as hook, the lady pirate statue is sure to become the center of attention at your party.

Pirate with Barrel Prop

Pirate with Barrel PropThis pirate is supposed to have a comical effect. It comes with a barrel prop. Standing on the rope with a sword in hand, this pirate with barrel prop can be an amazing addition to your party. The incredible details on the expression will surely become a topic of discussion among your guests.

Climbing Pirate Statue

Climbing Pirate StatueWith realistic features such as synthetic hair, bloodstains, resin knife between teeth and so on, the pirate really seems to be climbing down your party. Your guests looking at it for the first time will be mesmerized with the intricate, hyper realistic details of the statue. The climbing pirate statue comes with a nylon rope.

Pirate Cristobal

Pirate CristobalWith knives in both hands, this pirate really means business. The fierce appearance and thug look make it a unique life size statue. Moreover, the moustache, bandana and two belts add to the realistic features of Pirate Cristobal.

We at Butlers and Signs have been designing life size statues for years now. Our amazing collection contains all the different varieties. Browse through these pirate life size statues to find something that fits your taste.

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