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Here Are Some Scrumptious Food Displays for Your Eatery

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Establishing and running a successful eatery is a challenge in the United States. From quality of food to ambience, you have got to make sure that everything is perfect.

We at Butlers and Signs provide food displays for restaurants and cafes. With amazing craftiness, these food displays will brighten up the mood of your customers.

They will also show that you care about the quality of customer experience. Here are some options from Butlers and Signs:

Giant Hamburger

This mouth-watering and delicious double-decker will set the tone even before your customer has entered your facility.

Handcrafted from resin, the details of meat, vegetables and ketchup have been accurately captured. The giant hamburger is 24 inches tall and 37 inches wide.

French Fries Life like Statue

This funny imitation of a man eating French fries is as delightful as it gets. The priceless expressions, combined with realistic French fries at the top, make it a unique display.

This statue can stay at the counter and greet guests as they order. It will surely help you make an impact – after all, who doesn’t like French fries!

Hot Dog Statue

They might have originated in Vienna, but hot dogs have surely become popular in the United States.

If your eatery sells hot dogs, this hilarious display is a must-have. Cracked up inside a bun, this hot dog is pouring ketchup over its head with a comical expression. Who wouldn’t find it funny!

Ice Cream Cone Furniture

This 5-piece set contains one table and four chairs designed in the shape of a cone. Not only does it help you create a delightful appearance at your ice cream parlor, it is also functional.

The set is available in different colors – red, green, blue and yellow. With incredible attention to detail, this furniture set is creativity at its best.

Coffee Bean

With realistic facial features, this 23-inch coffee bean is holding a cup of coffee. Handcrafted from resin, it can be a perfect display for your coffee shop. It will set the mood for your visitors and help you make a favorable impression in their eyes.

Large Polar Bear with Ice Cream Cone

This life like statue of polar bear licking ice cream is as adorable as it gets. Designed from durable resin, it is an amazing display at your ice cream parlor.

our visitors can pose with it and post pictures on their social media accounts. Thus, the bear serves a marketing function too.

We at Butlers and Signs provide remarkable life size food displays for your eateries. These beautifully handcrafted statues can help take your food chain to the next level.

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