About Our Products

Butlers and Signs offers Realistic Looking and Life Like Statues Props and Displays

Butlers and Signs is pleased to offer these unique life size resin props, figures, displays and statues that are suitable for your home, office, business, photography (as props & back drops), deli, bar & grill,parlor, restaurant, hotel, motel, casino, cottages, props for movies, club, pub, museum, theme & water park, game room, carnival, out door kitchen, gift giving/receiving, collectors, adding to a collection, stores, eating establishments, or zoo (to just name a few). No matter what the theme is of your event or party, eating establishment, etc., Butlers and Signs has you covered.

All life size and life like statues are handcrafted statues made of a durable resin or fiberglass material. We offer free shipping to the lower US, although other arrangements can be made. Our statues are hand painted each one has their own unique characteristics and can vary slightly from the pictures, so there are no two alike. Most statues are suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, however if using outdoors, weatherizing your item with a sealer will help to keep your item looking its best for longer. We strongly recommend bringing in, or providing covering, for your statue, during the harsh winter months. In freezing temperatures, water that accumulates in the crevices of the statues may cause cracking due to expanding and contracting. Measurements are approximate. Butlers and Signs is the place to shop, so take your time, have fun, and look around. There's something for everyone!

Should you need more information about our products, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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